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I am a freelance texture painter and look developer with nearly a decade of experience working for major visual effects, animation, and gaming clients. While 3d texture painting is my expertise and first love, I enjoy taking on projects in 2d painting and look development. I have solid modeling and uv'ing skills and as a former TD, look development lead and supervisor, I understand the big picture of production and try to help in areas other than my own as needed. I am production savvy, quick, thorough, and I enjoy blending my technical skills and artistic eye to bring the clients artistic vision to life.

I began my career on the first Matrix film, joining the staff at Manex as a texture painter and working my way up to senior texture painter. After several years, I accepted a position at PDI, working on the preproduction of Madagascar and other shows in the commercial division. The lure of the Matrix sequels drew me back, and I joined ESC to build a new pipeline and put together a team of texture painters to complete the siege part of the sequels.

I embarked on a successful freelance career in 2004 after the birth of my daughter. With clients such as Apple computer, the Orphanage, Tweakfilms and Massive Black among many others, I've been able to be part of a variety of productions doing 3d texture paint, 2d paint, modeling and conceptual work. As a freelance artist, I've had the pleasure of working on Pirates of the Carribean III, Spiderman III, Next, Fantastic Four II, Hollowman II and numerous gaming, commercial and cinematic projects.

I am located in the Bay Area and generally work remotely, but am able to travel for meetings. As I look after my daughter, I work 30-35 hours per week- but nine years of texture painting has made me a swift painter and my clients have always been pleased with the results.

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