The Matrix
Bless The Child
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Mission Impossible II
The Animal
Almost Famous
Thirteen Ghosts
Madagascar (Pre Production)
Minority Report
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Revolutions
Spiderman 3
Fantastic Four 2
Pirates of the Carribean At World's End
Live Free or Die Hard

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, UCSC. Further study in art and animation.

Professional Experience:

Freelance Texture Painter & 3d Artist: Feb 2005-Present

I am currently doing freelance film, cinematic, and game texture painting and look development. Clients include Tweakfilms, Assemble, The Orphanage, Massive Black, Goat, Evil Eye Pictures, GKR and Apple Computers. Recent projects include Fantastic Four II, Spiderman III, Pirates of the Carribean III and Next.

ESC Entertainment: Look Development Lead, Lighting TD: March 2003 – July, 2004

Look development for non-standard looks and networks, procedural look development, testing and support of looks in different lighting environments, direction of painters. Lighting TD: scene setup, lighting, rendering, and pre-compositing through to final. (Maya/Mental Ray)

ESC Entertainment: 3d Paint Lead/Supervisor: Jan 2002 – March 2003
Painting of photo-real creature and environment textures- creating rich and realistic surface qualities, look development, modeling. Technical and artistic supervision, troubleshooting, software decisions, workflow and pipeline development, shader development. (Maya/Mental Ray, Deep Paint, Photoshop)

PDI: Surfacer : February - December 2001

Lead Painter/Look developer on the Intel “Aliens” commercial spots.
Painter on initial stages of Madagascar pre-production and look development.
Painter Minority Report (PDI Proprietary Tools)

Manex Visual Effects: Texture Paint Lead : October 1999 January 2001

Texture Painter on Bless the Child, Mission Impossible II, Crouching Tiger, Almost Famous, Matrix II and III development. Supervised paint team, modeled, painted organic and environment textures, developed looks, shader development. (Maya/Renderman)
Manex Visual Effects: Texture Painter Jan – March 1999
3d texture and fx painting, modeling.

Background & Technical Skills
Extensive skills in lighting and rendering, modeling (Poly, Sub’d and Nurbs), texturing, look development and uv’ing, Supervision, bidding, scheduling, working with vendors, training.

Software: Maya, Mental Ray, Zbrush 3, Deep Paint, Photoshop, Maxon BodyPaint

Other Projects:
Author: Siggraph Paper: Painting and Rendering Textures on Unparameterized Models – 2002
Development and testing of proprietary 3d paint and rendering tools along with design, modeling and paint for the paper images.

References available on request