My expertise is in 3D Texture Painting although I've enjoyed 2d paint, modeling, look development and design projects. I am comfortable with character, environment and prop painting and specialize in creating a photoreal look. I'm always willing to take on a project if I feel I can contribute to a successful outcome.

3d Texture Painting:

Generation of UV textures for creatures, characters, props and environments. Working from reference or concept art I paint textures, work with a custom or standard shader and do render tests to achieve the desired look. I paint color, specular, roughness, reflection, bump, displacement, normal and other map types as needed. I have experience doing Maya Skin Shading and Subsurface work.

Software: Maxon Bodypaint, DeepPaint, Zbrush, Photoshop, Maya

Look Development:

I am comfortable using standard and unique shaders in tandem with texture maps to develop an exceptional look and I have worked with Maya Skin and Subsurface Scattering. When painting isn't the best route to go, I have great skills in developing looks with procedural shaders.

I have worked with R&D and shader writers to develop shaders and worked on their functionality and testing. My hope is always to hand off a stable look which will work in appropriate lighting conditions and will make the most of the texture maps.

2d Paint:

Creation of 2d paint elements such as damage, set extensions and fixes

Software: Photoshop, Maya


I have sometimes been called upon to use my skills in new ways. I have sometimes modeled conceptually and used rendered Maya elements along with 2d paint to create graphic elements for corporate use.

Software: Photoshop, Maya


I am not a production modeler, but my skills are solid and have been used in a great many projects. I am able to create usable Uvs and fix Uvs, and act as a primary modeler for secondary and rough models which aren't characters or architectural in nature. I am also able to use modeling for conceptual, design, pre-vis and testing work.

Software: Maya, Zbrush

A few specifics:

I am delighted to take on short and long term projects. I typically bill hourly but can certainly submit a flat-rate bid...other arrangements can be made as well.